Link the Building

Experts in installing and maintaining data links


we can link buildings, sheds and offices together providing internet and network integration


Our Customers

Our customers range from people who would like better wifi on their patio or in the garden shed to more complex issues such as companies who have more than one building where they would like to share network resources. the solution is tailored to each scenario by adapting the latest advancement in technology. 

Linking your outbuildings

WIFI Coverage on your property 

If you simply wish to have good wifi coverage in an outdoor space or maybe an outside workshop or summer house.

Linking Offices

Matrix Wifi Networks single or multi site

We can provide complete lossless Wifi throughout a building with advanced features such as landing portals or usage statistics by device.

Bridging Buildings networks for shared resources

If you want to administrate your team over multiple buildings we can cover that via traditional networks or Wifi matrix.

Linking an outbuilding

Why Pay For Two Connections?

we can link you office to your main house saving you the expense of having a second connection or the upheaval of laying cables between.

Why Choose Line of Sight

  • No limitation of the distance.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Ongoing Costs.
  • No need for groundwork.
  • Can be used for CCTV.
  • Better Speeds.
  • Better Coverage
  • Centralised Backup Ability.
  • Smart Home. 

Linking an Office

Joining Buildings Together no matter the size.


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Network integration made simple


We will seamlessly make your offices work together

Take away the obstacle of having to email information to colleagues.


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Making work faster and more structured.


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Connecting your networks allowing you to work together


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The Benefits

Efficient Workforce

Helping your staff work as a team and freely passing and sharing projects is a must for a modern successful business no matter  on what scale your operations are, collaboration is the key to success and we can put you there.

Across all platforms

Having the ability to work from wherever you are and get the right information to the right people is definetly an advantage when it comes to customer relationships make sure your team are the winning side. We can put you in the same room no matter where you are.

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