Linking an Outbuilding


we can link buildings, sheds and offices together providing internet and network integration



Out Building Connections

In modern life, the internet has become a huge part of our lives from, Internet searches, watching streaming services or simply using emails, with that comes the need to use these facilities in more and more locations at Link the Building we understand the sort of coverage you would like and employ many different technologies to achieve the results that you desire. We have been providing internet answers since the early nineties and have in that time seen most situations and scenarios, with this knowledge we believe that we have the answer that you are looking for.

We also provide DIY kits if you would like to attempt a project yourself, the cost of which will vary as we like to find out as much information about your situation and requirements as possible in order to make your final outcome be as desired. be that a summerhouse, the patio breakfast table or wishing to banish a gaming teenager to the bottom of the garden, we have the knowledge and experience to achieve this.